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Originally Posted by Signature600 View Post
My 10 had a Uconnect screen unless they changed the functionality in 2013-up...

In 2013 they revamped it, and the interior. It's nicer, but you pay for it. I like it, but they didn't offer Android Auto or Apply Carplay until 2018 trucks... Kinda behind the ball.
The big upgrades in 2013 were the interior, front end redesign (better for daily/high mileage stuff, worse for full on performance), and the addition of DEF (which gave much better throttle response on a stock truck).

Originally Posted by bigstacks95 View Post
IMO, I'd get a 13+ so you can get the Uconnect screen. I didn't realize how much I can't live without that until I had it.
I liked it until I got my wife a Ford with Sync 3. It's a lot nicer. You should look into upgrading to an Android Auto capable one! Or this guy looks bad ass!
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