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Originally Posted by DISTURBED View Post
What about a Garret or holset chargers?
Here is the complete turbocharger rule for 2.5.

Turbocharger: The turbochargers limited to a single small frame (s300, gt30, hx 40 or smaller) 2.5 inch inducer bore turbo. The bore will be checked with a 2.550 inch plug. No MWE groove larger than .200 inch is permitted. No bushing of the inducer is permitted. 6.4 liter Power stroke engines may utilize the factory twin turbo configuration in OEM stock form only, no modifications allowed. Aftermarket exhaust manifolds are permitted as long as the exhaust flange is no larger than T4 (3.500 x 2.750).The driver will be responsible for making the compressor wheel and bore accessible for Tech Officials to measure bore and inspect the compressor wheel.
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