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Originally Posted by blackmega3500 View Post
Lol, yep that all just went over my head but I'm sure his main fab guy will understand lol.

He has the second largest commercial glass company in the city of Houston so cost really isn't the variable for him. I pretty much told him I would get details and experiences from fellas such as yourselves, and then forward the findings. Trade shows are great and marketing info only gets you so much data, it's hands on experience he's really looking for.

When he cut a $250k check for an automated trim and steel fab machine for the glass biz he chewed on that decision for awhile just wanting to make sure it was the right one, and the same thought process is in the table.

He actually is going to be just running this as a hobby shop and building custom one off things such as a V8 powered barstool or his more recent 1000hp golf cart built from scratch. He just wants to basically justify paying for a 10k storage facility for his projects by having it be a functional custom fab shop. If it cuts a profit great, if not he'll write off the loss for the glass company.

His main fab guy has incredible skills from custom fiber glass and body work, machining and fab, to motor builds.
You mainly want a heavy frame construction and a table that can fully support the material being cut without flexing. You want good software to control torch height which is also critical to reduce dross as are servo motors with decent horsepower so you can get proper speed especially when changing directions. To produce good cuts. Last thing anyone wants to do is knocking or grinding slat off.
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