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Originally Posted by kjpcummins View Post
The picture is basically done beside adding the guides. I think i am going to give it a shot. Its only 2 ft wide and over built. So it shouldn't have any crowing issues and with a single cylinder since its not wide which will eliminate having to balance two cylinders. I plan to use limit switches with adjustable stops for up and down movement. Once its set it will be set for 20,000 piece run. If i need help with the electrical side i know a handful of electricians from my full time job that would help. I wont have a whole lot in the press brake even compared to a decent shape used machine. But if it doesn't work i will just buy one.
Cool, I admire the courage! What are you planning for the guide components? So you'll have to 2 different fixed back gauges and punch/dies? I see the frame of the machine, but I don't see the punch and die holding sections..are you going to get these machined/ground flat and parallel or just plasma cut?.. this where I can see a lot to adjust. Limit switches should work fine if can get enough control over them, I think ours are based on tonnage or hydraulic flow. I know with the material variance (strength and thickness) on our steel, the operators have to do some adjustments and previous engineers have played around with k-factors during modeling stages to help dial in the presses' output.
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