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#1 you sent me headstuds to give to jared who never paid you for them but thats because you said you sent them 2 months prior to me getting them!
#2 I then toldd you I was going to hold onto the studs untill you could get me reciepts for the pumps I bought off you that you said were ii 85% pumps.. That was 4 months ago!! you tried sending me a text with a pic of the reciept which I couldnt see at all I said just simply mail the reciept to me or fax it... pretty easy to do! I sold those pumps to guys who wanted receipts and I said no problem... I told them I would get a receipt to them as soon as I get it.. I then never recieved it so I let them keep there cores to make up for not being able to get a receipt... so there 500-600 out of my pocket for not getting cores back... I havnt talked to you and ignored you simply because I have tried a million times to get the reciept from you and you keep blowing it off... after hearing of the other JUNK you sold people on here I needed a receipt.. 1 week after I sold 1 of the pumps it blew up and he said he thought it was a stock pump... Idk WHAT IT WAS I TOOK YOUR WORD?
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